Special Education Coordinator 2024-2025


  • Masters degree in special education
  • Special education certification required
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Understanding of therapeutic milieu
  • Minimum 5 yrs experience in a special education leadership position
  • Experience leading annual IEP meetings
  • Experience in conducting formal academic assessments, such as the Woodcock Johnson IV, and reporting on results during Team meetings.


  • 12 months / full time
  • Salary and benefits including vacation time determined by the Executive Director in accordance with Gifford’s Personnel Practices and defined in employment contract
  • Supervised by: Educational Director


  • Coordinate student support services, such as reading, academic support, tutoring
  • Develop IEP and team meeting schedule and facilitate the timely processing of each student's Individualized Educational Program
  • Assist in scheduling and proofreading quarterly Progress Reports for each student
  •  Maintain updated records on required paperwork for each student
  •  Assist in the academic scheduling for all three schools
  • Work with the Educational Director to prepare for and chair annual team meetings as needed
  •  Facilitate Academic Achievement testing for student re-evaluation
  • Support Education Director in overseeing the evaluation, purchase and development of curriculum in alignment with current Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
  •  Supervise head teachers and other staff as determined annually
  •  Oversee supervision of teachers and other educators
  • Support the school’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative
  • Supervise the implementation of IEPs for all students
  • Oversee and coordinate MCAS administration and result analysis
  • Work with the Education Director/Principal on implementing all state mandated assessments and standards
  • Work with the Education Director/Principal on educational documentation, including progress reports, grade reports, transcripts and IEPs
  • Assist the Director of Outreach and Marketing with developing content for communication materials that effectively describe our programs
  • Provide leadership to the schools’ program teamsAssist with the development of new program ideas included in the long range plan
  • Work with the Education Director/Principal to oversee and develop the school’s educational program
  • Assist in developing the educational needs of the budget
  • Work with the Educational Director and educational consultants in developing and delivering in-service educational training as needed
  • Assist in organizing the school’s professional development plan for staff, including Professional Learning communities & progress toward appropriate licensure
  • Participate with the administrative team to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with school systems
  • Assist, as requested, with intakes, recruitment, hiring and firing of staff
  • Remain up to date (daily checks) with all internal email and voicemail messages
  • Participate in a few night meetings
  • Help maintain a safe, positive work and learning environment for all by adhering to the principles of conduct described in Gifford’s policy manuals and by treating all Gifford community members with fairness and respect

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to participate in outdoor physical activities to include kneeling, stooping and lifting (ability to exert up to 25 pounds)