Daniel's Story

As I write this note, I can’t help to think back to May 5th 2016, not because it's Cinco De Mayo but rather it was last time Daniel left Franciscan Children’s Hospital after an in treatment stay.  Over the course of 2013 to 2016 there were 4 stays at the hospital that ran anywhere from 10 to 35 days.

When Daniel left Franciscan the last time we knew Daniel needed a school that could fit his unique needs. A school with a caring faculty and staff, a school with learning programs designed for where he was today, could grow with him and most importantly a place where Daniel would feel loved and welcomed. We visited Gifford and knew right away that it was the place for him and we consider ourselves blessed that Daniel was admitted to this great community where teaching comes with love, respect and accountability. Gifford is a place where he feels like he belongs and matters and as a result, we have seen him flourish. Bridget and I have always known that inside of Daniel there is a person with great compassion, love, social skills, loyalty and intelligence. Before Gifford his self-confidence was low, school was never a place that gave him pride or where he felt successful. He had been to 4 different schools in 3 years before Gifford. 

There is not enough space in this letter for us to thank every person that has touched Daniel at Gifford. Daniel coming to Gifford has change his life for the better and that is because of the team. The teachers at Gifford go above and beyond to not only teach, but to make Daniel feel great about what he is doing and find success in the classroom. No longer is Daniel fighting us to get on the bus, Daniel loves coming to school because he loves the Gifford community. This is a community of teachers and staff that gave Daniel a chance when a lot of other schools wouldn’t, looked past the issues we were dealing with and saw inside of Daniel was an intelligent, kind, caring, loyal and active boy that could benefit from coming to Gifford. 

I could not be any prouder of Daniel and what he has accomplished over the last three years. There were many times I wondered if it would be  possible, Daniel attending school every day, doing his homework, enjoying his days at school and making the honor roll! It takes a village to raise a child and as a family we are very lucky. Lucky to work with great doctors and hospitals, lucky Daniel is the type that will never give up, and lucky that the Steinkrauss Family found the Gifford School. You have changed our entire family’s life for the better.

I thank every faculty and staff member at Gifford, you are a huge part of Daniel growth into the young man he is today, and he would not be where he is without Gifford School. 

The Steinkrauss Family
Acton MA


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