A Lifetime of Dedication

A Lifetime of Dedication
Posted on 06/26/2020
SM retirement
In September of 1997, Steve Margarite began a near 23-year career at The Gifford School.  While his role at that time was Technology Teacher, Steve would eventually go on to become one of the most impactful staff in the school’s history as the IT Director, and for many years, the sole member of our IT department. 

Think about the pressure that Steve was asked to face over all of those years:  If a computer didn’t work, call Steve.  If an ink cartridge needed replacing, call Steve.  If the power went down over the weekend, it was Steve who needed to be here on Sunday night to resolve it.  Email problems? Classroom projector down? A student using a laptop inappropriately?  Forgot your password? Call Steve.  Steve took the brunt of frustrations from many when they couldn’t find a solution, and he was tasked with supporting staff like me who simply couldn’t grasp the solutions he found, no matter how well he explained them. For over 20 years at Gifford, if it had power surging through it, Steve was responsible for it, and he took that responsibility seriously.  Steve brought our little school from the days of Alpha-Smarts and little Macs connected by telephone wire, to an updated institution of learning where every student has access to a chrome book whenever they need one.

While his accomplishments as the IT Director and as a school leader are remarkable, Steve will be remembered for much more as he retires from Gifford.  As a member of our staff, Steve exemplified so many of the qualities that we value, and he modeled them for students and colleagues every day.  He was reliable and patient – taking our calls and offering support no matter what time of day or what he was working on.  He was positive and kind – asking about us, our families, and our children every chance he got. Steve’s belief in the mission of our school and our students led to the close connections he formed over 23 years with hundreds of kids through patience, humor, and a level of compassion that will remain in our hearts long after he leaves Gifford.

In the time he was not on the Gifford campus, Steve began and led a technology group for MAAPS schools and IT professionals, creating a much-needed forum for information sharing and collaboration. He donates what little free-time he has to the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA, an organization that raises Great Danes for people with balance and mobility issues; and he has spent the last two years setting up the opportunity for Gifford to maintain technological success for years to come.  All the while he’s raised an incredible and loving family.

Steve Margarite will be fondly remembered and appreciated for all that he’s done for Gifford and for his incredible personal qualities, which blessed our campus for more than two decades.  He will remain a life-long member of our family.  Thank you, Steve.
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