George's Story

Gifford has been a wonderful blessing for us.  

It's been three years since George has enjoyed school in any capacity.  He struggled to keep up with a "normal" curriculum and his self-esteem suffered immensely.  On top of his academic struggles, George was a regular target for bullies and was generally very anxious at school.  He was constantly looking over his shoulder, ridiculed for being in Special Ed classes and never felt comfortable at school.  He hated going and only did so for the social aspect.  Here at Gifford, he's actually enjoying the curriculum and getting more and more engaged in school.  Who is this kid???  He's coming out of his shell, making friends, enjoying the environment and feels safe for the first time in a very long time.  It is important to note that George had stopped all of his ADHD and Anxiety medications since he left public system.  What is remarkable is that with the caliber of instruction and environment at Gifford, he doesn't actually need them!  I can think of no better testament to your staff than that one small fact.

Thank you all for giving us our happy boy back.  It means more than you can imagine.  

Joanna C.