The Gifford School is affiliated with the following organizations:

The Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools' mission is “to represent private special education schools in their goal of providing the highest quality education to students with special needs.”

The Gifford School is very active in MAAPS various committees. Click on this link to learn more about what MAAPS does:

Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education (ASE) provides leadership in advocating for appropriate provision of services to all children and youth in Massachusetts. ASE offers professional development opportunities for special education administrators and others interested in important issues in special education.

Special Needs Advocacy Network (SPaN) 
SPaN started as a grass roots effort by a small number of parents whose mission to support their own children led them to becoming advocates. Since then SPaN has provided continuing professional development and support for advocates and other professionals in the field of Special Education across Massachusetts. Collaboration exists with other professionals as well as with parents of children with disabilities.